US GP had Verstappen foul-mouthed and Hamilton snitch; see phrases

The Formula 1 United States Grand Prix had a “taste of 2021” yesterday (23), when Max Verstappen won after overtaking Lewis Hamilton in the closing laps. The race had a foul-mouthed moment and an attempt to betray at the decisive moments; See below for the best quotes.

“Beautiful. Beautiful for you?”
Max Verstappen on the radio after pit stop problem

The two-time world champion was unhappy with Red Bull’s problem in his second pit stop. The pistol that was supposed to clamp the left front tire did not work, which cost precious seconds, and the stop lasted 11.1s. This is what made Verstappen lose two positions, to Leclerc and Hamilton, and gave emotion to the final half of the race.

“There is still a long way to go,” replied a Red Bull engineer on the radio. “Yeah, you don’t have to tell me that,” Verstappen snapped crossly. “Max, come on, we’re in this together”, finished the engineer.

Hamilton snitch tries to punish rival

After the pit stop of discord at Red Bull, Verstappen went after Leclerc, passed and from then on took aim at Hamilton, who was leading the race. It took 12 laps to catch up with his antagonist from last year’s world title race and he passed him to take the lead. Hamilton stayed close for a few laps, but didn’t find the power he needed to get even. From then until the end, however, he still tried to rat out Verstappen.

“He went outside. Again.”
Lewis Hamilton, on the radio, saying that Verstappen would have exceeded the limits of the track.

“He went out at turn 20,” Hamilton insisted a few turns later. “And possibly 9 as well,” he repeated. The two were cautioned for going too far off the track, but no one was punished for it, and Verstappen secured his victory.

“We came here with upgrades and we got a little closer [da Red Bull]. It was very, very close. I did everything I could to try to stay ahead, but they were too fast today. Great strategy, great race from Red Bull,” Hamilton said in an interview. “It was amazing for us to be in the lead. It’s something the team has been working really hard on over the year, and I was very hopeful. [pela vitória]. But that’s okay, let’s hold on to that and keep trying. At some point we will win,” he added.

Mixed feelings for Leclerc

“Somehow satisfied because we started 12th and the podium is a good achievement. Looking at the race it’s a little disappointing because we had the pace but then we had a lot of tire degradation. We will work but this P3 is not bad “, pondered Charles Leclerc, from Ferrari.

He still disputes the vice-championship of the world with Sergio Pérez and yesterday he won. He made a recovery race after starting from behind for changing the engine, yet he was third, one position ahead of the Red Bull competitor.

Stroll says he’s not to blame for the crash with Alonso

Fernando Alonso's car (Alpine) takes off after crashing into Lance Stroll during Formula 1 US GP - Reproduction/F1TV - Reproduction/F1TV
Image: Reproduction/F1TV

The United States GP was marked by a spectacular accident involving Fernando Alonso, who took off after Lance Stroll closed the door in a dispute for position on the straight. The Canadian defended himself, saying he was not to blame for the crash.

“I left enough room to the left, so it’s not like I pressed him into a wall. He could have turned around. [o volante] before to go further to the left. He didn’t need to be so close to me either,” Stroll argued. He and Alonso will be teammates with Aston Martin next season, but he doesn’t think the accident will undermine their relationship. “I don’t see it that way. We are racing drivers, and that can happen in a race,” he summarized.

Norris leaves satisfied with sixth place

Lando Norris ended up being overshadowed by what was happening ahead, but he had a good race and finished sixth. At one point, he made three passes in a row on the same corner, number 1 just after the main straight, and joked about it after the checkered flag.

“I was a little surprised by this [as três ultrapassagens]. You know, the car doesn’t fill me with confidence, but it gives me enough to try these overtakes. It’s fun, lots of adrenaline and focus at the same time. I smile quickly, look at the crowd cheering me on, if the cameras are on me, and then focus back on the race,” laughed the McLaren driver.

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