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The orange and green polka dots on the iPhone (iOS) are part of a security feature released by Apple in 2020, with the iOS 14 update. applications and a stronger anti-tracking policy. After the iOS 14 update, users started noticing the colored indicators on the iPhone (iOS) status bar, and the feature intrigues many to this day.

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The green and orange dots only appear to let you know that an app installed on the device is using the device’s camera or microphone. As they are part of a security measure, it is not possible to remove them, but users who have difficulty distinguishing colors can customize the indicators. In the next lines, understand the meaning of the green and orange dots on the iPhone (iOS) and how to change them.

iPhone: understand what the green and orange dots that appear in the status bar are — Photo: Laura Storino/TechTudo

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What is the orange dot on the iPhone? When does she show up?

The orange dot that appears in the iPhone (iOS) status bar is an indicator used to show that an application installed on the device is using the device’s microphone. The tool is a security measure that was released by Apple with the iOS 14 update in 2020. The operating system introduced a number of privacy-focused features, including the anti-tracking policy, which was heavily criticized by Facebook at the time. .

The orange dot will appear on iPhone (iOS) whenever the user is using an app that needs to use the microphone to function. This happens, for example, when sending an audio on WhatsApp or when making a call.

And the green ball? What is it for?

Like the orange ball, the green indicator also has a meaning. When it appears in the status bar, it means that an application installed on the iPhone (iOS) is accessing the device’s camera, or the camera and microphone at the same time. Therefore, the green dot will be visible, among other circumstances, whenever the user takes photos, records videos or makes a video call with friends and family through the iPhone (iOS).

Is there a way to disable the bubbles?

It is not possible to disable the indicators because they are part of a mobile privacy feature. The tools work as a security measure, since, through them, it is possible to know when an application is accessing these device features – which is useful to prevent spy apps or malicious programs from going unnoticed for a long time, for example.

People who have difficulty seeing colors, however, can change the shape of the orange ball to turn it into a square, which makes it easier to differentiate between the indicators. To do this, access the Settings and tap on “Accessibility”. then go to “Screen and Text Size” and activate the switch next to “Differentiate Without Color”.

It is possible to transform the orange ball into a square, facilitating the differentiation of indicators for those who cannot see colors — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

How to find out which app had access to the camera or microphone?

It’s easy to find out which apps have accessed your iPhone’s microphone or camera recently. To do this, when the green or orange dots appear in the status bar, tap on them and swipe down to open Control Center. There, you can check indicators that show which tools have been used by applications recently.

So, if you recently made a voice call, the icon with an orange microphone will appear next to “Phone”, for example. If you post a video on Instagram Stories, the green camera icon will appear next to “Instagram”.

You can see which apps have accessed the tools in the iPhone Control Center (iOS) — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

How to revoke access to camera and microphone?

If you notice any strange activity in apps or notice that indicators are appearing frequently for certain apps when they are running in the background, you can revoke access to the device’s camera and microphone.

To do this, access the Settings from iPhone and tap “Privacy and Security”. Then tap on the tabs “MIC” and “Camera” to check the apps that have permission to the features. To revoke access, simply disable the switch next to the suspicious app.

It is possible to revoke app access to the device’s camera and microphone by going to “Settings” — Photo: Reproduction/Clara Fabro

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