YouTube reveals its new design, with more features and ‘ambient light’

Google this week announced a revamped in YouTube look that not only aligns the app’s design on different platforms with the material look that the company has adopted, but also brings new features for the user to enjoy.

One of the main novelties of the update is the possibility of zoom in on videos on mobile devices, doing the same pinching motion with your fingers that most people are used to. This is a feature that was being tested in YouTube Premium, but now works for everyone.

Another important new feature is a frame guide that makes it easier to navigate a video’s timeline. When you press the famous “red bar” and move the time of a video, a series of video frames will appear below the line, showing the moment you are jumping to.

In addition to these practical changes, some visuals are also worth mentioning. Google mentions rounder clippings for videos and a slightly cleaner and more colorful organization of playlists, but it’s YouTube’s dark mode users who will notice the most changes.


The platform is introducing something it calls “ambient light” to both the mobile apps and the browser. It’s a faded colored effect around the video that recognizes the colors that are appearing on it to simulate a light cast effect. It’s so subtle it’s hard to spot, but Google says the effect was “received with overwhelmingly positive reactions” during testing.

The changes will be made over the next few weeks and will automatically appear for users.

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