Youtuber fills up a car with World Cup figurines and goes viral

Enaldinho is one of the main influencers of the young audience. From Minas Gerais, the 24-year-old has more than 8 billion views on his YouTube channel.

A supporter of Atlético-MG since childhood, it was at this stage that he also had his first contact with a World Cup album. This was in 2006. “It was the first album I completed and collected. I was very young,” he recalls.

From then on, he started to make it a routine. In addition to copies of the Cup, Enaldinho began to buy those of the Brazilian Championship. But it was only in this year that, in fact, it became a hobby.

From Brazilian to the rarest in the world

About a month ago, the influencer recorded his saga to complete the Mundial album. The goal was to complete it in 24 hours. Between spending R$ 4 thousand and some exchanges, Enaldinho guaranteed the feat.

So far, the video has accumulated 10 million views. At the end of the task, he felt he could do more. “I found out they had the legendary figurines [as douradas]. I said: ‘I want to complete the legendary too’. I went after them.”

From then on, it was a path of no return. Upon completing the new challenge, the youtuber then got to know the albums produced in other countries. Today, he accumulates copies from Mexico, the United States and Switzerland. This, in turn, is considered one of the rarest by collectors.

“Since 2018, it’s been considered like that, because it’s a very different album from the national ones”, he explains. To purchase the album, he had to pay around R$ 7,000, in addition to the fees charged in the country. It came close to complete, just missing a little figurine.

Aware of the difficulty he would find, he decided to look for collectors like him and found them. In the midst of the saga, he also collected friendships and found that “I am crazy, but there are people who are even crazier than I am”.

The US album, in turn, has another peculiarity: the stickers are ranked based on colors, ranging from white, blue, red and green. In addition, respectively in that order, finding a copy with a frame in the tonality is also increasingly rare.

When completing the album in the United States, without major concerns, Enaldinho wants to do it using only the blue stickers.

Porsche also joined in the fun

After being convinced by people on his team, the influencer then decided to paste the stickers he had on his Porsche. With the help of friends and other staff, the vehicle was covered in glue and the faces of athletes after about six hours.

At the end of the feat, it was time to parade the car. Success was guaranteed. “People out of nowhere saw a Porsche on the street and thought ‘wow, Enaldinho has Neymar Dourado’, worse than there was even one glued to the car. Everyone screamed and took pictures”.

Upon arriving at a place full of children, the figurines did not go unnoticed. “People started pulling the stickers madly out of the car too. It gathered a crowd around”, reported the influencer.

World Cup and ‘random’ theory

Asked about the favorite selections for the title, Enaldinho confessed that he has his own theory. For him, the first team that is completed becomes champion. Interestingly, this time it was France, identified as a potential winner.

Beliefs aside, the crowd for Brazil is great. “God willing, Brazil wins”. In his opinion, Neymar and Vinícius Júnior can make the difference. On the other hand, he hopes that shirt 10 does not suffer the same as what happened at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Even the youtuber saw it up close in Galo. “It was the case with Arana, too. He got hurt, he’s not going to the World Cup anymore, I was already shaken”.

In the countdown to the Worlds, greater than the fear of not seeing the hexa is the end of the tournament. “I’m even afraid when it’s over, I’ll even feel an emptiness afterwards”, he joked.

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