1, 2, 3 counting! Only an attentive person will find the green apple in 9 seconds

Your task is quite simple: you need to find the green apple hidden in the image. Although it seems like a very easy thing to do, just start looking to understand the size of the predicament you got yourself into. Locating the fruit will be like finding a lost needle in a haystack.

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The green apple can be anywhere, but you’ll have to use your wits if you want to find it. Calm down, because she is not inserted in a subliminal way. In fact, it is possible to see the apple correctly, as it really is.

Find the green apple in just 9 seconds

Photo: Genial Guru

One of the most difficult parts of this test is how little time you will have to complete it. After all, you will have to find that green apple in less than 9 seconds if you want to find it among the few internet users who were able to. As much as it may not seem like it, it is possible to find the element in such a short time.

A tip for you to be quick in your search is to enlarge the image, since the apple is small and well hidden. This is the trick that your logical thinking would use, but we decided to reveal it so that the test is a little more agile to complete. Otherwise, you could take much longer than 4 times the time set previously.

Where is the hidden apple in the vision test?

So, did you manage to find the green apple within 9 seconds? If yes, congratulations! Completing the challenge in such a short time is a task for few, so you deserve to be congratulated on your achievement.

Now, if you still haven’t made it and don’t want to waste any more time, that’s fine. Tests like this take a little more practice to solve so quickly. Enlarge the image of the vase with branches inside that is on the table at the bottom of the image. The green apple is right behind him, between the two red ornaments.

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