3 reasons for you to use the “dark mode” of the cell phone

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Dark mode on cell phones has been around for a long time. However, it is currently having a great success, as most people prefer it to normal mode. Because of this, numerous applications have made this mode available for all types of devices, in order to meet the demand of their users. So, in this article, we are going to talk about why use dark mode on mobile.

In fact, dark mode can bring several benefits, both for consumers and for the device itself. However, most people don’t know this, and choose to use it just for the aesthetic issue, to find it more beautiful or even to see everyone putting it on. So, in order to explore this subject and make people aware of the benefits of dark mode, we have brought you some important information about this feature.

What is dark mode and why use it?

Dark mode is a function that changes, both on computers and cell phones, the visual pattern that we are used to seeing on screens, from dark text to a white background. Thus, it allows users to change the settings to a lighter font with a black background.

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Benefits of dark mode

This function, in addition to being widely used because of its aesthetics, because many people think that their cell phones look better with this configuration, also brings other benefits. See them below.

Increases battery life

According to research done, dark mode increases your device’s battery life, as individual pixels require less power when displaying black than lighter colors.

Reduces eye strain

As the person moves from a super bright and bright screen to a darker one, there is a reduction in eye strain. This mode increases the contrast between the text present on the screen and the background, improving readability, making it easier to read in low light and reducing eyestrain.

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increase sleep

Because it is a darker mode with less light, people tend to fall asleep much faster than when they have their cell phone in light mode, where the light ends up preventing them from sleeping.

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