5 best Netflix drama productions for you who liked ‘A New Woman’

Among Netflix’s dramatic productions, one of them, coming directly from Turkey, called a new woman is doing quite well on the streaming platform these days.

If you liked this Turkish series, check out 5 other similar productions available on Netflix below for you to watch right now!

About a new woman

Realizing they need to revamp their lives, three friends set out on a journey together in search of peace and spiritual connection. As they spend time together, they will need to face traumas from each of their pasts, and, after finishing the journey, they embark on yet another one, this time for their futures.

5 – Emily in Paris

Emily (Lily Collins) finally gets the job in Paris she’s longed for. Upon moving to the city, she will continue her career working on social media strategies for the luxury segment.

However, that will not be her only concern, as she will also have to balance her professional and personal life, going through several ups and downs in the city of lights.

4 – Virgin Rivers

After moving from Los Angeles to Northern California, a nurse gets a job as a midwife in a small town. After starting her new life there, she meets an intriguing man and realizes that starting her life over will not be as easy as she thought.

3 – restart

After taking a trip to Italy, an artist unexpectedly enters a transformative journey full of emotions and hope that will change her life forever after finding her love, who she believed to be long lost.

2 – Young Royals

After entering boarding school, Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) does what he can to get used to and fit into his new high school life. Also, he realizes that he finally has the opportunity to explore his personality and find out what kind of life he wants to have.

1 – Chesapeake Shores

After returning to the town of her childhood, which her father founded, Abby (Meghan Ory) decides that she will spend the rest of her life there. In addition, she decides that she will help restore her sister’s abandoned inn and will also have to face the memories and faces of her past.

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