7-meter snake swallows woman alive in Indonesia

A rescue team looking for a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia was startled to find a nearly 7-meter python with a swollen belly. The shock came next: people who helped in the search shot the animal down and, when they opened its stomach, they discovered that the snake had swallowed the woman.

The reptile was in a forest in the region in Jambi province. For two days, authorities and residents scoured the area for Jahrah, who was working in the woods collecting rubber.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, Anto, the village chief terjun gajah, Where jahrah lived, said that the family were worried that she did not return home last Friday (21). “They reported her missing to local authorities, and a search has been carried out since.”

According to the village chief, none of the villagers witnessed Jahrah being devoured by the animal, but Anto said it was likely that the woman had been in agony for two hours, given the size of the python.

The newspaper mentions that residents of the region are worried about the possibility that other huge snakes could make new attacks. There is a report of another python sighted, with more than 8 meters in length, in addition to two goats that have already been eaten by reptiles in the area.

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