American has strong allergic reaction after lip filler and ends up in hospital emergency

It would be a simple procedure. But the lip filler that Basia Query underwent turned out badly. Las Vegas resident’s lips (Nevada, USA) became so swollen that she had to be taken to the emergency room. from a hospital.

Basia suffered a strong allergic reactionas shown in a video posted by her on Saturday (10/22) on TikTok, which has already had more than 15.4 million views:

At first, things seemed to be normal, and there was nothing to worry about as Basia had been a patient of the beauty specialist before and hadn’t had any problems. Her lips were slightly red and a little plump as the American took a selfie in the mirror. happy with the final results.

Did not take too long. Hours later, the lips began to swell incredibly, as if they were going to burst. At the hospital, Basia discovered the reason for that painting:

“I found out I’m allergic to lidocaine (local anesthetic). I’ve never used it before”, she explained. In the two previous times of lip fillers, the dermatologist had not used the substance.

After posting the video, the American was compared on the social network to funguscharacter from the animation “Monstros SA”:

Fungus, character from the animation ‘Monsters Inc.’ Photo: Reproduction/Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures

Two days later, Basia still hadn’t fully recovered. Although the swelling has gone down significantly, his lips are still bruised “all over”.

Basia Query two days after allergic lip reaction
Basia Query two days after the allergic reaction on the lips Photo: Reproduction / TikTok

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