Apple offers R$ 8 thousand discount on MacBook Pro M1

A year after the official launch, Apple’s line of professional notebooks has an interesting promotion on Amazon. The company is offering the R$32,999 MacBook Pro M1 for R$19,999, a difference of R$13,000 (or 39%). Offer is for a limited time and subject to stock availability.

At Apple’s official store, the same MacBook starts at R$28,999. That is, those who choose to buy from Amazon are guaranteed a discount of R$ 9,000. The purchase can still be paid in up to ten installments, without interest.

Available in space gray and silver, the device has a 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU, in addition to 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of SSD storage and a 16-inch screen.

The offer comes on the heels of rumors that the company created by Steve Jobs is preparing to launch new versions of the MacBook Pro, with the M2 chip, later this year. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple can launch laptops through press announcements, without the famous official events.

It is worth remembering that Apple already has a MacBook Pro with the M2 processor, announced at the annual developer conference in June this year, but the screen is only 13 inches. The 14 and 16-inch models have not yet received an update from the company.

– 16 inch MacBook Pro M1

Price: from BRL 32,999 to BRL 19,999 (discount of BRL 13,000)

Launched in October 2021 by Apple, this MacBook Pro brought to the lineup the processor developed by the company itself: the M1 Pro for the first time. At the time of launch, the Cupertino company assured that the new processor is 70% faster than the M1.

The use of processors developed by the company marked the end of an era, since before Apple computers used chips made by Intel. In practice, this meant that the apple company started to completely design its MacBooks, from the hardware to the software.

The equipment has a 10-core CPU (data processing unit) and a 16-core GPU (graphics processing unit). The version sold by Amazon has 512 GB of SSD storage, an acronym for solid-state drive, and a 16.2-inch retina display (41.14 centimeters diagonally).

The viewfinder is a panel of Liquid Retina XDR, the nickname Apple uses for its mini-LED display. This technology uses millions of tiny light diodes, which turn on and off to display each pixel on the screen. As a result, the viewfinder uses less battery and displays brighter images. The resolution is 3,456 x 2,234 pixels and has a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120 Hz through Pro Motion technology.

Like the iPhone, the MacBook Pro has a notch on the screen to store the front camera, which records images in Full HD (1080p), brightness sensor and a microphone. The Touch Bar, that bar of digital buttons, was eliminated and the company returned to put the F command line on the keyboard (like F5, to refresh the page).

Another novelty that the company brought to the model was the input for HDMI cables, in addition to the MagSafe ports (for the charger), Thunderbolt (which works as USB-C), for headphones and input for memory cards. The company’s idea is to avoid the need for adapters, a recurring complaint from Mac owners.


The MacBook Pro line is suitable for video editors, photographers, architects, app developers and other professionals who use tools that demand high computer performance.

For most Brazilians, who use their laptops for simpler tasks, such as browsing the internet, watching series and editing spreadsheets, perhaps the value of the equipment is not worth it.

If you are a fan of the brand’s products and would like to have a MacBook Pro, the discount is a good opportunity to fulfill that desire and still save a little.

It’s also worth considering other MacBooks that are on sale at Amazon.

– 14 inch MacBook Pro M1

Price: from BRL 24,199 to BRL 17,999 (discount of BRL 6,200)

The technical settings between this 14-inch and 16-inch models are pretty much the same. The difference between them lies in the GPU, which here reaches a maximum of 16 cores (against 32) and the battery life. According to Apple, it takes 17 hours for this device against 21 hours for the model with the larger screen.

Other key features like the XDR liquid retina display, resolution, display refresh rate frequency, brightness intensity and number of inputs remain the same. Available in space gray and silver.

– 13 inch MacBook Air M2

Price: from BRL 13,299 to BRL 9,999 (discount of BRL 3,300)

For those who are not willing to invest, but want to have an Apple device, the MacBook Air M2 is an interesting option. The model on offer has 256 GB of SSD storage.

It’s a newer model, released in June 2022, and it brings back Apple’s Touch Bar, a digital bar in place of the F command line, which can be customized by the user.

Among the disadvantages is its smaller size; the fact that it has fewer CPU cores (8 cores) and GPU (10 cores); having fewer entries, which can result in expenses with adapters; lower resolution ratio (2560 x 1600 pixels); lower brightness intensity (500 nits); and lower screen refresh rate (up to 60 Hz).

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