Boeing tries to find in another country interested in the 737 MAX that would go to China

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Faced with the lack of response from China on the definitive release for flights of the Boeing 737 MAX, the North American manufacturer is looking for alternatives. The Chinese are the last major market in the world still pending to release the aircraft.

A pre-approval from the Chinese authority had already been given months ago, when it asked airlines to make a series of adjustments to the aircraft, manuals and training, but after that there was no relevant milestone for the model’s return to the skies. . Many suspect political reasons behind this, as tensions between the People’s Republic and the US, Boeing’s home country, are high.

Faced with such a scenario and as the months pass, Boeing is looking for new customers elsewhere, who would take over the aircraft that were supposed to go to China. According to information from Bloomberg, one of the targets is in India, where the manufacturer apparently has Air India in its sights. The airline, in turn, was recently purchased by the Tata Sons Group and hopes to renew its fleet.

the tangle

The Boeing 737 MAX can take off again almost anywhere. After the US aviation authority, FAA, declared the plane safe again, most countries and authorities followed suit. However, one of the countries where flying is still undesirable is a very important market for short and medium-haul jets: China.

Boeing boss David Calhoun said in September that a “small part” of the 737 MAXs destined for Chinese customers were being re-marketed. In other words, Boeing is looking for new buyers for some of the approximately 140 finished aircraft that were originally intended for airlines and airlines. leasing in China, but which, so far, have not been delivered.

According to people quoted by the Bloomberg news agency, there are as many as 50 aircraft already built that Boeing would like to get rid of in order to be able to account for revenue and free up space in the storage yards.

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