Bombay Sapphire launches original series for action Circuit of the Senses

Bombay Sapphire launches an original series for the action Circuito dos Sentidos, promoted in bars in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

With the conception and creative direction of the Rastro and Hood agencies, the first episode is already on the air, telling the inspirations behind the creation of the drinks for the activation.

Bombay Sapphire, a premium gin brand belonging to the Bacardi Group, has just launched the Circuito dos Sentidos, promoted from October to November, which features drinks developed exclusively for 18 participating bars, nine of which in São Paulo and nine in Rio de Janeiro. . It is yet another activation that is part of the Arte dos Sentidos campaign, which promotes Bombay’s connection with art and creativity.

To promote the action, an exclusive original series was developed by the agencies Rastro and Hood, whose first episode was aired on the brand’s YouTube on 10/20, which explores the details of each drink created for the Circuito dos Sentidos. In this premiere episode, the inspirations behind the creation of the exclusive cocktail at the Next Door bar, the Sudden Relief, developed by bar chef Aiyrá Regis, are presented. In addition, more details are shown of the drink The Journey, flagship of the action, created by Rafael Matos, brand ambassador for Latin America, which aims to further refine the senses.

Each episode of the original series will tell you a little more about the exclusive drinks chosen to represent each bar’s action, its creative process and preparation ritual.



Title: Bombay Sapphire Senses Circuit

Advertiser: Bombay Sapphire

Agency: Rastro & Hood

Concept and creative direction: Rastro & Hood


CEO: Marco Arioli

COO: Alice Motta

Concept: Mariana Bernardes

Executive producer: Luana Ferreira


Executive Director: Lucas Djahjah

Creative Director: Afonso Soares

Strategy Director: Rafael Bizachi

Customer service leader: Joy Passarelli

Management and Operations Leadership: Gabriela Rezende

Audiovisual director: Stéphanie Saramago

Content supervision: Andressa Rodrigues and Nickolas Borba

Account executive: Anderson Fercha

Project management: Juan Gonçalves

Art Direction: Nickolas Bora and Arthur Bittar

Editor: Marina Almendra

Media and performance: Nívea Ribeiro

Community manager: Emily Schwan and Rayssa Pinna

ID: Nicole Pitelli / Carol Vicente

Commercial Analyst: Rafael Barbosa

Audiovisual production

Producer: Rastro Studios

Concept: Afonso Soares

Screenplay: Guilherme Pina and Guilherme Arcanjo

Stage direction: Stéphanie Saramago

Operations Manager: Andrezza Abreu

Project manager: Isaac Alves

Executive Producer: Alessandra Couto

Set production: Fabrício Andrade and Bruno Assumpção

Director of photography: Caetano Braga (SP), Mário França (RJ)

2nd camera: Matheus Maia, Rodrigo Oliveira

1st Camera Assistant: Matteo Bonas, Fred Passini

Logger: Henrique Mello, Romulo Grion

Electrical boss: Toni Oliveira

Electrical assistant: Edu Araújo, Yago Olinda and Alexandre Viana

Sound technician: Esteban Viveiros, João Nitcho

Art direction: Joyce Piñeiro

Art assistant: Nico Santos, Carol Agyar, Pedro Azevedo

Makeup: Juliana Batista, Gabi Carvalho

Still: Neuton Araujo, Aldo Barranco

Still assistant: Marcelo Costa and Felipe Gomes

Post-production coordinator: Raoni Meirelles

Editing: Laura Paiva, Mariana Borba

Color grading: Caetano Braga

Designer: Erik Machado

Motion design: Egmar Santos

Driver: Via Cine, Focobrás

Security: Foreman and All Class

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