CBF publishes VAR analysis and justifies penalty scored in favor of Fluminense against Botafogo

On its official website, the CBF released the analysis of VAR of the controversial penalty that changed the course of the classic between Botafogo and Fluminensewhich ended in a 2-2 tie, last Sunday (10/23), at Maracanã, for the 33rd round of the Brazilian championship. In the entity’s view, the arbitration.

The video itself released by the CBF tried to justify the penalty, in a bid between Patrick de Paula and Matheus Martins, who was already falling.

At 28 minutes into the second half, an attacking player from the Fluminense team, shortly after entering the opponent’s penalty area, and with the ball under his control, is knocked down by his opponent, after receiving a reckless foul impact on his right leg from the body of the opponent. defender, who does not touch the ball at any time during this action. The referee on the field of play in a good position and with a good angle of vision perceives the situation and interprets the play as a foul, correctly marking the penalty – described the narration of the video.

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Regarding the performance of arbitration, the judge Ramon Abatti Abel quickly scores the penalty.

I shim underneath – it says.

The referee responsible for VAR, Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos, does not take five seconds to confirm the penalty, asking only to wait to check if there was an impediment in the bid, which did not happen.

The penalty is confirmed. The defender put on the attacking player without touching the ball, without playing the ball. He doesn’t play ball, he hits only the attacking player – claims Daiane Caroline.

See the video on the CBF website.

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