Company pays BRL 300 to those who bought a cell phone without a charger

If you bought a cell phone without a charger in the box, know that the startup rules offers R$300 as a way of forcing companies to comply with the law, but, of course, making money from it. Even first-generation iPhone 6, 7 and SE owners affected by the “batterygate” can also get in on the action.

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How does the company work?

Regera works as a startup that seeks out consumers who may have been harmed in some way by companies, even if they have no interest in filing any lawsuits against them. Some examples are Apple’s Batterygate, Volkswagen’s Dieselgate and the sale of cell phones without a charger.

From there, Regera starts the negotiation, offering two proposals to the consumer. The first is to receive 70% of the compensation due without having to file a lawsuit for it. The startup takes care of all the bureaucratic part, in return it keeps 30% of the amount received with the action judged.

As for the second option, the customer receives a value “x” even if, in the future, the Court decides that consumers are entitled to compensation. In this case, Regera retains 100% of the amount paid by the companies in the event of a favorable verdict.

Processes that can make money

Currently, Regera has three cases listed on its official website, namely:

  • Batterygate: Apple is being sued for limiting the performance of older iPhones, claiming battery wear.
  • Dieselgate: Volkswagen is accused of defrauding the emission sensors of pollutant gases in the Amarok pickups. The episode had worldwide repercussions.
  • Selling cell phones without charger: practice known by Apple since 2020 and by Samsung, depending on the model. The measure sparked outrage among consumers.

In the case of Batterygate and for the sale of cell phones without a charger, Regera offers R$ 300 in advance. The other option is for the consumer to wait for the process to progress and keep 70% of the indemnity.

In this case, the company estimates that the amount of compensation will reach R$ 3 thousand, if the Court considers the consumers to have won the case. However, this may not happen or only take effect in five, ten or more years. Therefore, it is up to the cell phone owner to choose between which of the options can be more favorable.

To learn how this works, head over to Regera’s website and check out all the causes they support.

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