“Contacted Monza”; Behind the scenes of Carlos Augusto in Italy arrive at Corinthians and Fiel is taken by surprise


Corinthians sold the left-back to Monza in 2020 for 4 million euros and still has a 60% profit on a future sale

Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images.  Carlos Augusto receives proposal in Italy
Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images. Carlos Augusto receives proposal in Italy

Revealed by Corinthians, left-back Carlos Augusto has defended Italian Monza since 2020, after the Club disbursed 4 million euros to acquire the athlete’s economic rights. With 60% rights over the profit of a future negotiation by the player, Timão was surprised with the next step that can be taken by the spawn of Parque São Jorge.

That’s because the coach Roberto Mancini, of the Italian national team, has been watching Carlos Augusto since his arrival in Italian lands and plans for the defender to play for Squadra Azzurra soon. The commander himself would have communicated the interest to Monza. The information was revealed by the portal Throw!.

The coach’s expectation is to convince Carlos Augusto to carry out the process of Italian naturalization. However, the dream of defending the Brazilian team can weigh on the side’s final decision. “I have Italian citizenship and that helps me because there is a limit of foreigners in the club. My first option will always be Brazil and I want to wear that shirt. I don’t think about it yet [jogar pela Itália]. I’ve played a South American under-20 and I know how good it is. I hope one day, with a lot of work, to wear the shirt of the main team”, Carlos told ESPN, still in 2020.

On social media, the white-and-white crowd seemed happy with the ‘moral’ of the left-back in Italy since, if he shows a good performance, his market value may increase, which would be advantageous to Corinthians. “If Carlos Augusto is called up by Italy, maybe his value will rise and Corinthians will take an extra gravel in the sale“, said a fan on his personal profile on twitter. Check out some reactions below.

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