Cyborg Style: Engineer Replaces Eye with a Flashlight

An engineer from southern California, USA, turned a tragic experience into an artistic experiment that went viral on social media. Brian Stanley had his eyeball removed due to cancer, and decided to turn his “head into a flashlight”. To do this, he implanted a cyborg-type flashlight in the eye socket. Terminator.

The literally illuminating experience was achieved with a combination of simple electronics, wearable device and smart machine, not to mention a tremendous sense of humor.

Identified on TikTok as @bsmachinist, the engineer calls his invention the Titanium Cyborg Eye and Titanium Skull Lamp. Anyway, “she’s perfect for reading in the dark too”defines Stanley.

@bsmachinist A brief demonstration of my Titanium Cyborg Eye as a flashlight! #technology #eyes #flashlight #led #prostheticeye #prosthetics #ocularprosthetics #oneeyegang #oneeye #cyborg #cyborgeye #cyberpunk #cyberpunkedgerunners ? Phonky Tribu – Funk Tribu

The Incredible Eye That Glows on Halloween

In the video, Stanley demonstrates how the eye flashlight works, easily illuminating the hallway and bathroom of his house. In addition to brilliant, the cyborg eye only lightens the places to which the engineer directs his gazewhich makes it an interesting tool for working in the dark.

Equipped with a battery that provides autonomy of almost 20 hours, and without heating – according to Stanley – the eye can increase even more the intensity of what was seen in the video, which is described as half of the maximum power. But the bearer of the cyborg eye says he prefers to stay in his safe lane.

And yes, the Titanium Skull is using the cyborg eye to scare people on Halloween. With new color tones, Stanley managed to create a “Jack Skellington eye”, that big-headed character from the movie Jack’s wierd world. Invading a performance inside a haunted house, the owner of the eye caused many “ghosts and monsters” to run away scared.

@bsmachinist I put a googly eye in my eye. Look how google it is. Find a more googly eyed googly eye, I dare you. #eyes #googlyeyes #googlyeye #funny #whynot #prostheticeye #bodypositivity ? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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