Danilo Gentili announces NFT game with metaverse that will have list released on Flow Podcast

With millions of followers on his social networks, Danilo Gentili announced that he is participating in the metaverse project with NFT called Brazuera, a game with a post-apocalyptic setting.

On its website, the game claims that it will be from a wasteland, but that it can build a community of people who have not yet surrendered and want to take refuge in the “dream bunker”.

In the case of the new virtual land, emerging as a clear political provocation, Danilo Gentili indicates that being president in Brazuera is still an idea.

“And to those who think that being president of a devastated virtual country is just a crazy and delusional joke, I leave you with a truth: “Everything that is real today was just an idea yesterday”. Invest in this idea. Danilo Gentili.”

Danilo Gentili's NFT game image
NFT game image by Danilo Gentili. Reproduction.

List for NFT game with Danilo Gentili’s metaverse will be released in Flow Podcast and Primo Cast

In the roadmap of the new game, Danilo Gentili says that on Friday (28) he will publicize his new NFT game on the Flow Podcast, which will give access to the Whitelist.

On November 7, 2022 he will go to Primo Cast (Primo Rico podcast) to present more details of the new game.

Porky Cracy character from Danilo Gentili's NFT game
Porky Cracy character from Danilo Gentili’s NFT game. Reproduction.

Still no date set, Brazuera will release the sale of NFTs to interested parties, a token that will be the citizenship of people in the new virtual country. It is also unclear when the game will be available, nor its mechanisms, as the first announcements were made this past Sunday (23).

NFT game character Nine Tentacles has an octopus on his head
NFT game character, Nine Tentacles has an octopus on his head. Reproduction.

On his Instagram, Danilo Gentili says that there is still hope, his game being something on this theme.

Does the project have anything to do with presidential elections?

In 2021, the MBL started to support Danilo Gentili for a possible presidential candidacy in the 2022 elections, but the case did not go forward.

After the first round of the 2022 elections, Danilo Gentili said that 20% of voters who missed the polls are waiting to vote for him in 2026, and that in the next few days he would “make a statement” about it.

“The number of abstentions reached more than 32 million, which represents 20% of the electorate. It was the highest percentage since 1998. These are the people who are waiting to vote for me in 2026. Other than that, I want to say that in the next few days I will make a statement! Wait!”

Apparently, his pronouncement is in relation to the new “virtual country” he is creating with NFTs and the metaverse.

It is noteworthy that in 2021, comedian Danilo Gentili denied investing in cryptocurrencies after seeing his image on financial scam sites.

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