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Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Black Adam!Being the newest entry into the DCEU, black adam changes a lot for the franchise, debuting new teams, expanding the history of the universe, and even reintroducing fan-favorite characters. With the state the DCEU has been in lately, black adam it was a much-needed breath of fresh air, adding a sense of direction and expansion that had been lacking since the series shifted its focus to solo films. With black adam being the biggest DCEU movie in a while, the character and the universe around him are sure to have an impact on future DCEU projects.

black adam follows the titular antihero, a former metahuman from Kahndaq, as he returns to the world in modern times after being freed by a group of treasure hunters. Unlike most DCEU heroes, Black Adam doesn’t play by the rules and kills anyone who stands in his way. As star Dwayne Johnson said, the DCEU’s power dynamic changed with the character’s introduction, as so much of the film is devoted to trying to take down Black Adam. black adam introduced a lot of new elements to the DCEU, so here are all the big changes the movie makes and how it will affect the franchise going forward.

Black Adam is the oldest DCEU superhero

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam with the JSA and Justice League in the DCEU

Up until black adam, Wonder Woman was considered the oldest female superhero in the DCEU. While her age has never been confirmed in a DCEU movie, she has clearly been around for hundreds of years, making her much older than heroes like Batman and Superman. However, Black Adam (formerly Teth-Adam) is confirmed to be a full-grown male in 2600 BC, making him somewhere around 4,650 years old during the events of his movie. This makes him the oldest DCEU superhero at an officially confirmed age, with the character still operating nearly 5,000 years after getting his powers.

Wonder Woman’s age is up for debate, however, meaning that if it’s ever officially confirmed, she could be a little older than Adam. While the studio and Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins said Diana Prince is about 800 years old during her first solo film, star Gal Gadot said she believes the character is 5,000 years old. It also gets a little confusing when considering non-canon movie characters like Zack SnyderJustice League, like the superpowered individuals who fought Darkseid when he first came to Earth. However, looking strictly at the canon DCEU movies and the ages confirmed in them, Black Adam is currently the oldest hero in the franchise.

The Justice Society of America is the newest DCEU team

Doctor Doom and Hawkman punch Black Adam

black adam introduced the DCEU’s newest superhero team: the Justice Society of America. Currently made up of Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone, the Justice Society typically rotates members, choosing those best suited for each mission from a large roster of heroes. Members of the Justice Society tend to be much more diverse than those of the Justice League, consisting of all sorts of heroes of varying ages, powers, and experiences. black adam also reveals that the Justice Society has been operating for many years, with its founding members being Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and the original Atom Smasher (the movie version’s uncle). That means the Justice Society has been operating in the background since the beginning of the DCEU, making them the most historic superteam in the franchise, even older than the Justice League.

JSA is working for Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller in DC's Black Adam

Inside black adamTask Force X leader Amanda Waller — a character who appeared in both Suicide squad movies and the Peacemaker TV series — calls on the Justice Society to take down the title character. Previously, Waller has only been seen working with villains, which means her authority over the Justice Society has some major implications. It could be that the Justice Society has worked for the government for a while, with Waller turning to them whenever a threat is too great for his Belle Reve inmates. It could also be that Task Force X was disbanded after The Suicide Squad‘s disastrous ending that led to the death of several members and many innocent people. Waller’s black adam cameo is brief, but hints at some major changes regarding his role in the DCEU, raising questions that can only be answered in the future. Suicide squad films.

Magic now officially exists in the DCEU

Doctor Doom entering the Battle of Kahndaq in Black Adam (2022)

While there are definitely characters who have used mystical powers before, Doctor Doom is the DCEU’s first official magic user. The sorcerer uses all sorts of spells and incantations that haven’t been seen before, and while his connection to the Lords of Order is not confirmed in the movie, black adam explicitly talks about her powers coming from real magic rather than just incredibly powerful weapons (as is the case with Wonder Woman). Much like how pre-Doctor Strange Marvel characters explained magic as advanced science, the DCEU had already done something similar until the introduction of Doctor Doom. Also, with Doctor Doom’s helmet flying after Kent Nelson’s death, it seems very likely that the Lords of Order will soon choose another champion, further spreading that magic throughout the DCEU.

Black Adam presents the hell of the DCEU

Back of Sabbac's head in Black Adam

While Shazam! introduces a realm of mages who bestow godlike powers on their chosen champions, the last DCEU movie introduced something similar since black adamthe villain. Sabbac, gains his powers from a group of powerful demons in the underworld. While this realm is not explicitly called Hell, its visual similarities and references to the Christian Hell – such as the name “Sabbac” being an acronym for Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateis – essentially make it the DCEU’s version of Hell. . Wonder Woman 1984 has already confirmed that there is an afterlife, with Steve Trevor saying that he went somewhere good after death, making it entirely possible that this realm could be another version of the afterlife. black adam doesn’t give much focus to that realm, being shown on screen only for a few minutes, but adding any sort of new afterlife could mean big things for the future of the DCEU.

Henry Cavill’s Superman is back

Superman Looks Forward in Man of Steel

Quite possibly the biggest change the film makes can be seen in black adam‘s post-credits scene, which sees the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Actor and character kicked off the DCEU in Steel man and then appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Negotiations over futures contracts made Cavill’s DCEU return uncertain for a while, with Superman having faceless appearances in Shazam! and Peacemaker. Amidst rumors of recasting and a universal reset in The Flash, the return of Cavill as Superman is big news, being the first step towards the stability of the franchise. Cavill appearing again means there is hope for future appearances and even projects like Man of Steel 2 and justice league 2 — and all thanks to its reintroduction into black adam.

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