Explorer finds abandoned spaceship worth R$ 1.1 million

A British podcaster has found the abandoned remains of a spacecraft from the former Soviet Union, which were in a desert. Greg Abandoned spotted the Soviet air bus while scouring the region, along with a friend, The Sun newspaper reported on Sunday.

Called the Ptichka, which means “little bird” in Russian, the sprawling spacecraft is valued at £189 million and was abandoned after a failed mission. Currently, the vehicle’s structure is compromised, with much of it rusting, according to the explorer.

The Briton preferred not to disclose the location of his extraordinary finds, in order to protect them, but according to the newspaper, he would have been located near Kazakhstan, still in 2019 and was part of a special on hidden space objects published at the end of the year. past.

“I first discovered buses in an article I found online and couldn’t understand that the buses that cost millions of dollars were abandoned and rusting. There’s something about space that has always fascinated me. This was the best place for me to travel, it’s every explorer’s dream to see this for himself,” Greg told the Mirror newspaper.

Greg also registered a 58-meter-tall rocket, describing it as a “monster”, which was also part of the Soviet Union’s space program, in which an exorbitant amount of money was invested, to compete with the United States, in the space race between the 1950s and 1970s.

Rocket - Reproduction/Instagram/@gregabandoned - Reproduction/Instagram/@gregabandoned
Image: Playback/Instagram/@gregabandoned

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