Facebook decides to remove important functionality from the platform: see which one

Considered one of the first social networks bringing together millions of people around the world, Facebook began to present several solutions aimed at the digital market. Among the tools, “Bulletin” was intended to help writers with a forwarding model for subscribed readers, similar to the newsletter, in which someone registers an email and receives its contents.

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unsatisfactory results

In a report released by the organization last year, it was possible to identify some pessimism about the future of the function. The program brought together about 115 newsroom professionals, who totaled just over 1,000 registered readers. The numerous attempts to publicize the channel were not satisfactory, forcing a change of plans.

Trying to outperform the competition

Competitor Substack supported freelance writers, so the idea was to compete directly with the company. Offering content options, reviews and even courses, its role was focused on exp.

The last attempt to prosper

The last few months of the Meta group were troubled, but without results, these actions only generated losses. Despite being financially sustainable, any negative impact influences the loss of investments, which could be used in other more efficient areas. Activities linked to the Facebook Bulletin will end in early 2023.

The End of Facebook Bulletin

The group of writers who agreed to use and test the Bulletin already knew about the announcement and recognized the difficulties of the technology. Periodically, several Meta projects stop making sense and the ease of changing quickly, looking for better alternatives, makes the company one of the great communication brands today.

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp they are companies under the responsibility of the same management, ensuring that teams can exchange experience and knowledge, reaching surprising results. No other institution brings together so many important tools aimed at digital interaction.

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