Great white shark rips off piece of kayak with athlete inside during race – News

A great white shark almost caused a tragedy by snapping up part of a kayak, during a race held on a beach in Adelaide, Australia. The collision caused 19-year-old athlete Nat Drummond to be thrown into the water.

“My surf ski [tipo de caiaque] it kind of went up, and then I knew it was in the air and then in the water,” Nat described in an interview with 9News.

Fortunately, the young athlete was able to swim away from the danger zone and was eventually rescued by a lifeboat patrol boat.

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On land, he underwent a medical evaluation, in which it was found that there was no injury resulting from the incident.

“It was an absolutely bizarre accident. One of those ‘one in a million’ things that happen,” said Nat. “I could buy a lottery ticket.”

Despite the scare, the athlete hopes that the event does not keep bathers away from the beach, since the situation unfolded due to the fact that the competition took place in deep water. Still, the beach where the incident was recorded remained closed by local authorities.

The great white shark then died choking on a turtle. Check out!

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