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Close to another Copa Libertadores decision for Flamengo – the third in four years -, Filipe Luís revealed that before playing for the Rio de Janeiro club, he doubted one of the team’s highlights: midfielder Giorgian de Arrascaeta.

The left-back explained that he didn’t follow Cruzeiro’s games – the old club from Arrascaeta. So, when the Uruguayan midfielder was on the bench in the first games for Flamengo, Filipe Luís said he thought that “he wasn’t all that”.

“Talking about ‘Arrasca’ is easy. He is a player that everyone sees every weekend and knows his potential. When I was at Atletico Madrid, I always followed Flamengo, and I saw that the club had signed him. Arrascaeta but I still didn’t know him. I saw some games and plays on Cruzeiro, but when he came to Flamengo, he didn’t play, and I didn’t really understand why, and I even doubted, I thought he wasn’t all that he people spoke”, declared the left side of Flamengo in an interview with the channel “Conmebol Libertadores”, on YouTube.

Filipe Luís also said that the first contact with Arrascaeta, in training, was enough for him to understand that his teammate was, in fact, underestimated. The left side highlighted that he still felt good chemistry with the midfielder in the first few games.

“When I got here, he was already playing, and I started training with him. He played on the left wing, that is, on my side, and we already understood each other. In the first training session I played the first ball for him, and he already returned it, and I knew: “This is the guy I need to be close to and connect with in the game”. And so, I always talk about chemistry, and you find this chemistry on the field. With him it happened in the first game, against Bahia. And I already felt, I knew that he was different, very ace, but that he was underestimated”, he added.

successful duo

Overcoming the initial mistrust, Filipe Luís became a multi-champion alongside Arrascaeta. Together, they won the 2019 Copa Libertadores da América, the 2020 Recopa Sudamericana, the 2019 and 2020 Campeonato Brasileiros, the 2022 Copa do Brasil, the 2020 and 2021 Supercopa do Brasil, and the 2020 Campeonato Cariocas. and 2021.

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