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the calls Live Activities (Live Activities) are one of the new features of iOS 16.1 released last week. With them, it is possible to see dynamic information on the iPhone’s locked screen, without having to enter any application.


And anyone who wants to try out the new feature can install some of the apps that already bring the functionality to iOS 16.1.

Check below a list of several applications available on the App Store that allow the use of Live Activities.

Live Activities iOS

in the new iPhone 14 Prointeractivity also takes place in the Dynamic Island, so many of the apps already include this compatibility. If you are a happy owner of one of the latest Pro models, you can play around with these apps as well.

The funny thing is that the apps that Apple showed at WWDC, like Uber, Starbucks and Lyft, still haven’t been updated with the new function.

  • CARROT Weather: The famous weather forecast app always takes care to apply all the news that Apple releases. And it was no different in this case.
  • Liftin’: The app allows users to track a workout on the lock screen or ‌Dynamic Island‌, with rep counts, rest timers and other information.
  • light: app for photographers that lets you know the position of the sun anywhere in the world. It offers information about sunrise, sunset, first light, last light, golden hour, blue hour, moonrise, moonset and others.
  • landscape: This mountaineering app provides real-time stats with a rolling elevation graph so you can keep an eye on your climb.
  • flighty: For you to track flights without having to unlock the screen.

  • crouton: The Crouton recipe and meal planning app uses Live Activities and ‌Dynamic Island‌ to display recipe timers and steps for each recipe, so users can track each step without having to open the app.
  • pestle: Another app for anyone who likes to track the cooking progress of their meals.
  • PosturePal: Application that keeps track of a posture session on the lock screen.
  • SmartGym: Track your workouts in real time on the screen.

Remembering that the Live Activities feature only works on iPhones that have the system from iOS 16.1 onwards.

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