Man dies murdered outside church after getting married

A man, identified as Marco Antonio Rosales Contreras, 32, died at the door of the church, murdered by a suspect who was passing through the door of the religious temple. He had just gotten married and was shot four times.

The case took place in the city of Caborca, state of Sonora, Mexico. People passing by were able to capture the scene of the bride in her bloody dress, as well as guests on plates and a team of paramedics who tried to revive the victim.

According to information from the Extra website, the groom was waiting for the ambulance to arrive but, due to the delay of 20 minutes, Marco Antonio died on the way to the hospital. The victim’s sister was wounded by the shots, being shot in the back, but her life is not in danger.

According to the Attorney General of the State of Sonora, no line of investigation is ruled out and asked the society to collaborate with the investigations for the capture of the suspects.

Also according to authorities, there may have been a confusion involving the direction of the bullets. That’s because the suspect must have confused Marco Antonio with another person who also got married on the same day, however, in another city and would be involved in crime situations.

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