Margot Robbie Explains Why She Was Naked in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

Twice Oscar nominee Margot Robbie, 32, has always proven to be committed to her characters on television. According to the actress, in her debut in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, she insisted on doing her scene completely naked.

In a recent interview, she confesses that she insisted on working nude in the Martin Scorsese film to represent her character. For her, in the production, the scene was not nudity for nudity’s sake, it had a purpose.

“Naomi’s main point [seu papel] is that your body is your ‘bargain’ in this world. So when Marty was trying to help me, and he said in the scene where she seduces Jordan that maybe I could wear a robe, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be naked. She’s putting her cards on the table,” she clarified.

For the recording of the scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie commented that she had to put her shame aside. After all, she had a huge team behind the camera in a tiny room.

“It doesn’t show up when you’re watching the movie, but in reality we’re in a tiny room with 30 crew huddled together. All men. And for 17 hours I’m pretending to be touching myself. It’s a very strange thing and you have to bury the shame and the absurdity and fully commit,” he said.

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