Matthew Perry Says Jennifer Aniston Helped Him Deal With Addiction

Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of

Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston at the February 1998 premiere of “Kissing a Fool” at the Mann Plaza Theater in Westwood, California. (Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Matthew Perry, known for playing Chandler Bing in “Friends”, has spoken openly about his struggle with addiction to alcohol and opioids. The actor is releasing his autobiography, titled “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”, and revealed like the actress Jennifer Aniston helped him sober up while filming the series.

In an interview with ABC News, Perry revealed that he was confronted by Aniston backstage, who said she knew he was drinking. “Imagine how terrifying that moment was,” he told reporter Diane Sawyer. “She was the one who reached out the most, you know. I am very grateful to her for that.”

At 49, Matthew said he almost died after an “explosion” happened in his colon due to excessive use of opioids in 2018. He spent two weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital, needing to use a colostomy bag for another nine months.

At this time, he also made combinations of painkillers and drank a liter of vodka a day. “At the time, I should have been the highlight of the city. I was in a dark room, meeting only drug dealers and completely alone,” he admitted.

In an excerpt of the conversation released by ABC, which will air in full on October 28, he revealed that doctors believe he had only a 2% chance of surviving. “Secrets kill you. Secrets kill people like me,” he declared.

In an interview with “People”, Perry said he went through 15 hospitalizations in rehabilitation, came to drink 55 pills of a drug to treat severe pain. “I say in the book that if I died, it would shock people, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone. And that’s a very scary thing to say. So my hope is that people will relate to that and know that this disease strikes all over the place. world. It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not, the disease doesn’t care,” he said.

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