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The World Cup is coming and the event is a great opportunity to gather friends to watch the games.

Of course, for that, you need a screen of respect, on the basis of “the bigger the better”. TVs, of course, are often more common options, but why not turn your home into a movie theater?

One option for this is projectors, devices that, as the name makes clear, are capable of projecting images on flat surfaces, such as a wall or on specific screens for this purpose.

We have already told here in detail how these devices work.

Basically, what they do is “break” the light into the basic colors —red, blue and green—, rearranging these colors, or mixing them, so that the image frame is formed. From there, that image is reflected in a magnifying glass, so that it can be magnified towards the surface where it will be projected.

Regarding the technology used, there are two main types of projectors: those that have lamps as their lighting element, which can be LED, and those that use lasers.

A search for projectors will invariably turn up two main models of projectors: the “normal” and the “minis”.

In addition to the most obvious difference, which is the price — mini projectors can be found for less than R$ 1,000 in some cases — the more compact devices are indicated for situations in which practicality ends up being more important than quality. Generally, they project an image at a lower resolution and do not have as much lighting capacity, which limits their use to small and very dark environments.

Below we have selected some models of projectors.

Smart Screen Linux Mini Projector – Multilaser

Multilaser Projector PJ002 - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 763.90

This is a compact model, weighing 1 kg, and capable of connecting in a variety of ways. There are AV, VGA, USB and HDMI inputs, as well as the possibility of using a wireless connection via Wi-Fi. The resolution is 800×480, it is capable of projecting screens up to 150 inches. According to reviews on Amazon, one of the highlights is the sound quality.

BT810 mini projector – Betec Brazil

Betec BT810 Portable Led Mini Projector - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 729

Another compact model, this projector is capable of projecting images up to 120 inches and has a Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, USB connection and accepts an SD card. Customer Gabriel M says that the model is interesting for those who want to “watch football with the crowd, play a game or set up a mini-cinema at home”, but he warns that it is a low-cost product with limitations.

V50 Mini Projector – WeWatch

V50 Mini Projector - WeWatch - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 999

One of the highlights of this device is the ability to project screens up to 200 inches. It has wi-fi and accepts connections via VGA, Bluetooth, AV and HDMI, in addition to having an SD card slot. The resolution is Full HD. Client Camilo Franco, in the USA, praises the image quality, but says that the focus is lost a little on the edges of the images.

Mini projector – ClokoWe

ClokoWe Mini Projector - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 1,497

This very light device (720 g) projects screens up to 180 inches, has HDMI, USB and AV inputs and allows you to mirror your cell phone screen. According to US client Colette, the device exceeded expectations. “I wanted to watch movies on my bedroom wall and I didn’t really need picture and sound quality, and it works perfectly for that purpose.”

Projector M19 – Pima

Pima M19 Projector - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 2,199

With Full HD resolution, this projector is already a beefier model, being suitable for larger environments. Project screens up to 300 inches, with a minimum projection distance of 1.5m. It mirrors the cell phone screen and has VGA, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI connections. Customer Victor David Salis praised the image quality, while Paulo C. complained about the projector’s noise.

M1 Mini Projector – ViewSonic

ViewSonic M1 Projector - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 1,768.75

This projector is extremely small, measuring just 10 cm in both width and depth. The resolution is 854 x 480. It works wirelessly and also has USB and HDMI connections. While users praised the portability, Rafael Vieira mentions that the small size makes it difficult for him to stay in a stable position at all times.

EpiqVision FH02 Projector – Epson

Epson EpiqVision FH02 Projector - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: BRL 5,399.10

This projector has Full HD resolution and HDMI and USB inputs. It allows you to project screens up to 300 inches in this resolution, with excellent color quality and high brightness. It connects directly to streaming services via an adapter that comes with it in the box and can project at a minimum distance of 91 cm from the wall.

We choose each product carefully, independently, and check prices on the date of publication (that is, they may vary!). When you buy through our link, we earn a commission, but you don’t pay extra for it.

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