Natalia, from volleyball, supports Bolsonaro and gets pinned by ex-girlfriend

The weather has warmed up in women’s volleyball! Volleyball player Natalia Zilio, who competed in the Tokyo Olympics last year for the national team, shared a video of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for the presidency of Brazil.

The athlete was questioned by some fans about her support for the candidate who has expressed homophobic speech on more than one occasion. With that, the pointer claimed to be heterosexual. She dated her teammate Ana Beatriz Correa for a year.

“I’m straight. I had an experience but I saw that it wasn’t what I wanted in my life,” Natalia wrote.

After this situation, Correa began to make publications mocking the lines of his ex-girlfriend on his social networks.

“Follow me for more tips on the gay cure! Hahahahaha lie class!”, posted Ana Beatriz on her Twitter.

It is important to mention that WHO (World Health Organization) removed homosexuality — as the term was used — (the suffix “ism” refers to disease in medicine) from the 10th edition of the ICD, an acronym for International Statistical Classification of Diseases. , in 1990. In other words, there is no cure for something that is not a disease.

“Turma! Who has pity is piano! It could be love, but it was just an experience! Call”, wrote Correa in another publication.

The repercussion reached other players of the Brazilian volleyball team. Thaisa Daher and Pri Darot shared a video in which they appear with rainbow socks, LGBTQIA+ iconography, which was seen by fans as an indirect to Natalia.

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