Need more limit on your credit card? Do THIS and unlock up to R$5,000!

Most Brazilians have an account and credit card at Nubank. Fintech became well known for allowing the creation of accounts even for people with low Serasa scores. In this way, it was possible to obtain a large number of customers.

So, as a way of keeping more and more of these people, the bank creates new things from time to time. Thus, these new advantages end up pleasing many users.

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Nubank card

Currently, Nubank is considered one of the largest digital banks in Latin America. This is because it has the largest customer base in the region. According to the company’s own data, more than 60 million citizens use the bank’s service.

This number is due to the various services performed by fintech. In addition, several advantages are released to people who have an account with the company. One of the examples is the credit card that does not have an annual fee.

With you, even having several advantages and so many customers, there is a point that many complain about. The company does not usually release a large amount of limit to its users.

Another point discussed by those who want the option is the long waiting time to be able to increase the card limit for the platform’s customers.

Thinking about solving this problem, the company is counting on a new tool to minimize users’ lack of credit. Basically, the person will have the possibility to reserve a part of the balance so that it becomes credit in the payment.

In this way, if the person intends to make a purchase of R$ 500, for example, he can deposit this amount and reserve it as a form of credit limit.

However, it is important to understand that when using the money as credit, it is not possible to use it on the account. This amount is blocked until the person can pay the invoice.

Thus, after the debit is paid off, the amount is available again, and it is up to the customer to spend it or continue to keep it as a credit. However, if after the due date the person does not pay the invoice, the total will be used for this purpose.

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how to use the novelty

People who want to take advantage of this new feature of the bank can carry out this process in a very simple way. In order to be able to offer its own limit, the part must open the app first.

Then, just access the menu where the cards are available. At this point it is necessary to select the button “Adjust limit”. Finally, select “Reserve as limit”. At this point, just enter the amount you want to use from the account as a limit.

It is worth remembering that this is a good way out for people who are new to the bank and have a low limit. Thus, it is possible to use this technique to make the purchase. To be used for online purchases, this is the perfect way, as it is necessary to have the money in the bank.

It is worth remembering that the institution allows this process to be carried out with amounts of up to R$ 5 thousand. In addition, it is important to note that national and international purchases can be made. In addition, the value is valid for virtual or in-person expenses.

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