No PSG. Palmeiras intends to bring forward Endrick’s contract renewal – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

Palmeiras’ management expects a lot of speculation in this “summer” season finale in Europe.

Especially in relation to Endrick.

Representatives of European clubs know that the 16-year-old player will only be able to leave Palestra Itália when he turns 18.

But several representatives of European giants believe that, if they secure the purchase now, the amount paid would be much lower.

Even more so if he renews his contract in advance that runs until 2025, as is Palmeiras’ plan.

Palmeiras officials believe that his fine of 60 million euros, R$305 million, is the minimum value that an athlete with so much potential is worth.

The representatives of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and even PSG are aware of this intention of the Brazilian club.

Therefore, the “news” from the Spanish newspaper Sport, that PSG offered 20 million euros, about R$102 million, was not confirmed.

Executive Anderson Barros has already warned President Leila Pereira that there was no offer. PSG representatives in Brazil would not waste time on such a “low” value.

Endrick’s staff also learned that there was no proposal. The direction believed that it would be better to warn the athlete, so that he would not harm his focus, his concentration.

The boy is gaining more and more the trust of Abel Ferreira. He has shown enormous professionalism, training hard, taking care of himself off the pitch. “Resisting temptation,” jokes a very important adviser at the club.

At Palmeiras, there is one certainty.

That, if it depends on the player, he will play for Barcelona.

As a matter of affinity.

But this will be just one of the questions that will weigh in your future sale.

The only possibility ruled out by Palmeiras is to wait until 2024 and see the striker leave without yielding a penny to the club.

From next year, if there is no proposal of 60 million euros, whose release is mandatory, Leila Pereira will try to extend the player’s contract.

At least for another two years, of course increasing his severance pay, reaching the amount that seemed unreal on July 21, when he signed his first contract.

100 million euros, R$ 508 million.

Because there’s no guarantee that Endrick will actually go to Europe at 18…

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