North and South Korea exchange fire at the border

Alleged violations of maritime limits would have motivated the actions of both countries

North and South Korea exchanged accusations on Monday (24.Oct.2022) of violating the maritime border. As a result, warning shots were fired by both countries. The information is from the news agency Reuterss.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff Seoul accuses the North Korean maritime fleet of crossing the Northern Limit Line (NLL) during the early hours of Monday (24.Oct). The South Korean body said it broadcast warnings and fired warning shots when it saw a North Korean merchant ship crossing the maritime border.

North Korean military troops claim that it was a South Korean ship that crossed the NLL. The North Koreans responded with 10 rounds of rocket artillery shells, in addition to warning shots.

The exchanges of accusations are held at a time of military tension. North Korea has been launching missiles and artillery fire into the waters off the country’s east and west coasts, an attitude considered provocative by the South Korean and Japanese governments.

Japan accused North Korea of ​​firing a ballistic missile over its territory in early October. The weapons fell 3,000 km off the Japanese coast, according to officials, who say they believe the missile flew over the country.

This Monday (Oct 24), South Korea conducts maritime defense exercises. The naval forces begin to carry out activities on the west coast of the country, with about 20 warships and helicopter. The annual exercises count with the participation of the United States and must continue until Friday (28.Oct).

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