Nubank METAL Card: how do I apply?

This one is for those who are eager to reach the premium category of a bank. Yes, that’s because the Nubank created your card Ultraviolet for special customers that is made of metal. That is, in addition to beautiful, it is highly durable. But what are the requirements for you to have yours. This, you will only know if you continue with us in the text below.

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Nubank Ultraviolet metal card

Some time ago, the Nubank promised an innovative card filled with benefits for its most stellar customers. And he came in his version Ultraviolet which, in addition to the metal design and brighter colors, has other very interesting features. However, the process for you to have yours is uncomplicated and without bureaucracy.

However, we need to get back to the card design issue. Nubank Ultraviolet. First of all, this name comes from a secret message made to each customer that is only visible with UV light. With the aforementioned metal design, it is heavier and also safer as it only has the person’s name on it.

All other information is concentrated only in the application of the fintech Brazilian.

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Nubank Ultraviolet has numerous advantages

Now if we are going to focus on the practical benefits, we will see that a card Nubank Ultraviolet has even more advantages over its peers in the market.

Firstly because it offers cashback – the famous cash back – which instantly yields 200% of the CDI. Therefore, the amount that becomes available can be transferred directly to your account. Nubank and be used as you wish.

Other interesting points are belonging to the VIP areas of airports such as Terminal 3 in Guarulhos, São Paulo, in addition to travel insurance, luggage insurance, shopping protection, among others. In addition, customers Nubank Ultraviolet can exchange for miles smiles and make different types of investments that can generate high gains.

how to order yours

With all that in mind, we’re sure you want yours. To do this, just access the application of the Nubank and make your registration quickly and completely securely.

One more detail to be highlighted concerns the minimum income that is not required. However, an automated credit analysis is performed when registration is complete. If approved, the customer receives immediate notification through the application and in the email itself.

Another positive point is the monthly fee of R$ 49, which costs about 40% less than the amounts charged in a black category. This can still change if your card spending Nubank Ultraviolet reach R$5 thousand monthly or the premium customer has R$150 thousand saved or invested in the fintech.

Finally, for more information or tips on how to secure yours, just access the Nubank app.

Download the Nubank app for Android and iOS:

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