Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh argue loudly in recording studio

posted on 09/24/2022 14:28

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the long Do not worry, dear It hasn’t even premiered yet and it’s already making the rounds. Involved in several controversies, the time is that the director of the film, Olivia Wilde and actress Florence Pugh would have fought screaming. According to Vulture magazine, which released information this Friday, the 23rd, the atmosphere would have been tense between the actresses because Olivia and Harry Styles, who has a relationship in real life, disappeared from the recording studio, without giving any explanation.

Because of these events, Florence Pugh, who is the protagonist of the feature and is a romantic partner with the British singer, would have started a fight with Olivia Wilde, which resulted in screams being heard by the set. Also according to information, a long negotiation process between Pugh and Warner Bros., the studio that produces Don’t Worry Honey, was conducted, in order for the actress not to leave the production. “Florence would give her opinion on how a scene should be shot when Olivia wasn’t there. She even said I’m directing this movie more than you are, that was shouted out at one point and a lot of people listened. It spread very quickly,” stated Chris Lee. , who wrote the story for Vulture.

The attitude of the director of the film not only displeased Florence. A Warner executive, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the studio was not happy with the way Olivia handled the film’s promotion. “She’s either a genius or a freak who figured out a way to get more people to watch the movie or she has no idea that she’s destroying her own movie,” he says.

Another controversy involving Olivia Wilde was when the director fired Shia LaBeouf from the cast, still in 2020. According to her in an interview with Variet, the star’s dismissal was a way to create a “safe and reliable environment for Florence Pugh” on the set. The actor, however, denied Olivia’s claims and said that the director asked him not to give up on the project.

Olivia counters Shia LaBeouf

The director of Don’t Worry Honey, however, seems not to want to leave this matter and commented on the statements of Shia LaBeouf during her participation in the program The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. “We had to replace Shia. He’s a fantastic actor, but it wasn’t going to work. When he gave me the ultimatum, to choose between him and Florence, I chose Florence. It wasn’t going to go the way he wanted, so he had to leave. “, said Olivia.

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