One of the most praised horror franchises in recent years is getting a new movie

The next chapter of Cloverfield already has a director and screenwriter confirmed.

The year is not over yet, but Paramount Pictures can already consider itself one of the most prolific studios of 2022. With box office hits Top Gun: Maverick and Sonic 2 in the catalogue, the company is already looking to the future. This Friday, the home of the most beloved blue hedgehog in pop culture in theaters defined who will command the next chapter of Cloverfield. Babak Anvari, from Under the Shadow and I Walked Around Here, will direct the next feature in the franchise based on a screenplay by Joe Barton, known for writing The Ritual and The Lazarus Project. As usual, the details about the narrative are part of a great mystery. It is unknown how the project will fit into the universe established in previous films. It could be an anthology story, a sequel, a prelude, the possibilities are endless.

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The original film was acclaimed by critics, by the public and still secured a good box office. One of the icons of found footage in science fiction cinema, in which the plot simulates the reality of the camera in hand as a spontaneous documentary, the production presents a suffocating story of invasion. The other two films are based on other chronological points of the initial event. At 10 Cloverfield Street, the story follows a young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who is in a serious car accident and wakes up in a stranger’s basement. The man (John Goodman) claims to have saved his life from a chemical attack that left the world uninhabitable, which is why they must remain safe there. Distrustful of the story, she tries to find a way to free herself – at the risk of discovering a truth far more dangerous than staying locked up in the bunker.

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In Cloverfield Paradox, it follows a scientific experiment involving a particle accelerator that gives unexpected results, leaving astronauts isolated aboard a space station. Faced with the discovery that directly affects the lives of each and also the whole concept of what is real, the team must find a way to survive. JJ Abrams, involved with Cloverfield for years, is in production with Bad Robot. There is no premiere date yet.

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