Paul Dano Reveals Batman Prequel Comic Teaser; Look

THE DC Comics revealed a teaser for the HQ The Riddler: Year Oneprelude to the movie Batman focused on the Riddler; look above.

As the actor explains in the video Paul Dano and the director Matt Reeves, the idea for this story arose in Dano’s preparation for the role, when he traced references to who Edward Nashton would be before coming face-to-face with Batman. excited about the insights of the actor, Reeves called Jim Lee and that’s how the comic book was born, signed by Dano and with arts by Stefan Subic.

The Riddler: Year One It’s already on sale in the US.

Directed by Reeves (Monkey’s Planet), Batman has in the list Robert Pattinson like the Batman, Damage (Charade), Andy Serkis (Alfred), Zoë Kravitz (Cat Woman), Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon) and Colin Farrell (Penguin).

the production of Batman 2 has already been confirmed, and is part of the list of future dives into the universe presented by Reeves in the 2022 film. The list also includes two original series developed for the streaming platform. The first will focus on Arkham Asylum and Gotham Police, while the second will be dedicated to Penguin.

Batman is available at HBO Max, on digital platforms on April 18 and on Blu-ray and DVD.

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