Review: The Umbrella Academy delivers a satisfying third season

The popular Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy is back for another season full of weirdness and craziness. It seems the Hargreeves brothers always manage to make matters worse as they strive to save the world, again and again.

When we said goodbye to them at the end of season two, we found that despite saving the world and returning to the present, they created a new timeline in which they don’t exist. In this reality, they have been replaced by a new team of super brothers, the Sparrow Academy. In this way, the third season follows exactly from that point.

After preventing the end of the world in Dallas in 1963, the group doesn’t seem to have impressed Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) that much. So he decides to adopt a different group of gifted children. However, the group includes a new version of Ben (Justin H. Min), not as pleasant and friendly as the original. The rivalry between the two academies is instantaneous.

Wasting no time, the series jumps into action, pitting the Umbrellas and the Sparrows in direct confrontation. But the rivalry between the misfit families soon takes a back seat when a new threat emerges. Yes, we are back with the plot to prevent the end of the world. But this time the entire universe is threatened and, after some losses and surprises, the two teams must find a way to work together to prevent the end of everything they know.

Umbrella vs Sparrow

Would not be The Umbrella Academy if not had a little nonsense. A style dance battle footloose pits the two teams against each other. But it’s all just one of the Sparrows displaying their hallucinogenic powers. The new group is even interesting at first glance. They’re stylish, smart, and very prepared for the fight, but they don’t have enough development time.

Even the rivalry between the teams is on the ground of the cold war. Lots of talk and little action. Not least because there is a much bigger threat to worry about.

Evicted from their own home, the Hargreeves brothers move into the quirky Hotel Obsidian, the most important setting of the season. The new timeline comes with some painful changes. Therefore, as they process their new situation, each one deals with it in a different way. Despite having a large cast, each season the series finds a good balance to give decent development to the central characters.

This is the season in which most brothers expand their power. Be Klaus mastering his abilities, Viktor raising his power with unexpected help, and Allison becoming even more powerful and dangerous. So it balances family drama and usual craziness well.

However, Viktor and his brothers have a lot to deal with. In addition to facing a big problem when finding a face from the past that holds a big secret, the group discovers that its presence created a destructive entity known as kugelblitz, capable of destroying the entire universe.

The Hargreeves Brothers

The journey of the Hargreeves brothers

in the third season of The Umbrella Academy, each one lives a personal journey of discovery and maturation. Klaus (Robert Sheehan) realizes it’s time to finally seek his roots, face his fears and explore his full potential. In the process, he develops an unexpected and amusing relationship with his father.

Meanwhile, Five (Aidan Gallagher) is tired of saving the world and begins to dream of retirement. But of course he can’t stay oblivious to the whole situation for long. It’s amazing how the 18-year-old actor manages to print the image of an old and tired soul trapped in a young body. Five remains one of the best characters in the series.

The way the script incorporates the transition of actor Elliot Page sounds natural and in keeping with the character’s narrative. He had his awakening in season two with his romance with Sissy and now recognizes himself for who he is. But of all the brothers, Allison suffers the most in the new episodes. She faces her most dramatic moment when she discovers that she has lost her daughter and her husband in this new timeline.

The character is emotionally traumatized by everything she has gone through in previous seasons. Actress Emmy Raver-Lampman delivers these complex emotions very well. As a result, Allison makes questionable decisions and walks a dark path.

Luther (Tom Hopper) lives a Romeo and Juliet-style romance as he falls in love with Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), a member of the Sparrow Academy and an enemy of his brothers. Diego (David Castañeda) is surprised by a novelty when Lila returns with a son and he needs to learn to be a better father than he is. The dynamics of this trio make for a good laugh, but it also works to add depth to their chaotic relationship.

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Sparrow Academy members

Is the new season of The Umbrella Academy worth watching?

The Umbrella Academy is still one of the successes of Netlfix. The series gets weirder with each season, but still delivers satisfying content. The eccentric group of super-powered brothers deliver a good dose of action and madness amidst the chaotic energy that surrounds them. The new season is very much about the group dealing with the consequences of their actions. Despite making the mistake of recycling the same central plot each season, the script always finds a way to restart everything at the end.

Likewise, the series continues to play its role of entertaining and getting the audience to create theories with the clues released. It presents a good technical quality, in addition to developing its main characters well. Some new dynamics are interesting and give the plot a freshness.

Unfortunately, the new team doesn’t have as much charisma, and the script is quick to dismiss some of them. It would be interesting to explore more of the Sparrow Academy members away from the rivalry. Meanwhile, the problem with Hotel Oblivion’s guardians is resolved too quickly. In this and other cases we perceive the wasted opportunity to take the plot to new paths.

However, once again the script reinvents itself and delivers a new possible reset for the plot. With an ending that completely changes the lives of the Hargreeves brothers, the series puts the group in new territory with great possibilities. Leaving more questions open.

In a possible fourth season about the Hargreeves family odyssey, the series needs to start revealing more information to the public. Mainly about Reginald Hargreeves’ motivations. In conclusion, fans are sure to have fun with the new episodes of The Umbrella Academy and with references to the source material.

Grade: 4/5

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