Ronaldo Phenomenon assembles list of the best in history without CR7

the english newspaper The Guardian did an interview with Ronaldo Nazário in the week of the release of the documentary “Ronaldo, o Fenômeno”. When asked who was the best Argentine in history between Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, the former striker dodged, but took the opportunity to declare who would be the greatest football players in his opinion.

“This is unfair […] Let the fans say and debate in the bars, but you can’t classify them, you can’t compare generations”, began Ronaldo, who promptly included the two brothers on the other list, with six more athletes.

“I think there is a very special group of players, where you have Diego Maradona, Messi, [Johan] Cruyff, [Franz] Beckenbauer, Pele, [Marco] van Basten, Ronaldinho. I would include myself among them,” he added.

Alerted about the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo among the best and asked if he was the “original Ronaldo”, the idol of the Brazilian team continued: “People call me ‘Original Ronaldo’, but damn, the others weren’t fake. I am the only one and others will come and will be better than me in everything”.

“I did what I could, the best I could. I’m doing other things now, important things, and I want to keep improving. As a footballer, I can’t do anything else right now.”

And Neymar?

The newspaper continued talking about other outstanding athletes of the present time, prioritizing the World Cup theme – in which Ronaldo is twice champion, with titles in 1994 and 2002 (this one with protagonism and artillery) -, as the Qatar World Cup is approaching its start.

Although Phenomenon did not point out Neymar as one of the best in history in the previous ranking, he mentioned his admiration for the number 10 of Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil on the pitch, avoiding talking about his private life.

“If we talk specifically about football, I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t love him. His private life transcends football, but I’m not interested. He’s daring, he has skill, variety, he’s quick, he scores goals, he has personality,” explained Ronaldo also putting Neymar in the cake of the stars.

“You can compare Neymar with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, even if they are from a ‘different planet’. Neymar is one thing on the field, outside it is another, so people mix things up a lot”, he concluded.

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