Ronaldo points to stress as responsible for convulsion in the 98 World Cup

The 1998 World Cup final marked the career of Ronaldo Fenômeno. In addition to the bitter runner-up against France, the then number 9 of the Brazilian team suffered a seizure on the day of the final. After 24 years, the now ex-player believes that the episode is due to the stress of the World Cup decision.

In an interview with “Fantástico”, shown today (23), to promote his documentary, Ronaldo said that the “only thing I can link to a seizure on the day of the World Cup final is really this stress.”

“The only thing I can link to a seizure on the day of the World Cup final is really this stress, very high stress, under pressure and without any kind of preparation,” Ronaldo said.

“It was not a possibility for you to have therapy, a special psychologist to accompany your day to day. I’ve been in therapy for three years and I see a lot of different things”, added the former shirt 9.

“Ronaldo, the Phenomenon – the rise, fall and redemption”, produced by Zoom Sports and DAZN Studios in partnership with Beyond Films and Fifa+, details the drama of the then striker of the Brazilian team on the eve of the game against France.

In addition to Ronaldo, former side Roberto Carlos and the then national team doctor, José Luís Runco, talk about the episode. Also shown are medical reports on the state of Phenomenon, who was in the field against France.

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