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Due to the high price of cable TV operators, the signal from IPTV has gained a lot of popularity in Brazil in recent years. However, a recommendation from National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) may terminate certain services. But what is the reason for this blockage? Read our article below and understand what can happen.

IPTV signal must be blocked by ANATEL – Image: Disclosure

What is IPTV?

Even with the large number of streamings in Brazil, a device never goes out of style when we talk about entertainment: television. However, as we mentioned earlier, the prices charged by cable TV operators have become increasingly exorbitant, which has alienated more and more subscribers.

It was in this atmosphere that an operating system of channels, mainly private, was created, which works with the internet, releasing signals available from other operators. He was given the name of IPTV and although there are legal models that offer both open and closed transmission options, in practice this can mean piracy.

So, as everyone knows, piracy is a crime and can give the offender a sentence of two to four years and also application of a fine according to article 184 of the Brazilian Penal Code about copyright.

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IPTV signal blocking

As stated above, there are perfectly legalized channel signals that work from the user’s IP address. Good examples are the Globoplay (which offers channels Globosat and open signal of Rede Globo), Claro TV (with its cable TV and internet), Pluto TV (with more than 100 free channels), among some others.

Therefore, what ANATEL intends to do away with are the illegal signals which are, unfortunately, the most common. In an interview in July, the agency’s inspection superintendent, Hermano Tercius, said that the blocking strategy should be defined in the first half of 2023.

Namely, tools will be used that will detect which IPTV may be considered irregular and thus permanently blocked. In addition, due to the illegal practice, the consumer or user will not be able to resort to any service in any sphere.

Risks of those who own the equipment

As it is the setting of a crime, this fact alone should create a kind of distance with the use of the devices. IPTV irregular. This is because there are legal penalties for both those who sell and those who buy the service. However, there are still other damages that can occur with those who use this illegal tool.

Just to illustrate the scale of the problem, anyone using a IPTV illegally is more likely to have your data exposed and vulnerable to hackers. As everyone knows, these cybercriminals can steal digital information such as document numbers, passwords and bank accounts to apply scams.

So don’t be silly: if you have a device IPTV with illegal signal, abandon this practice as soon as possible!

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