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American singer Steve Lacy, 24, destroyed a fan’s cell phone during his concert in Louisiana, Mississippi, USA. The artist got angry after someone from the audience threw something onto the stage.

The information was published by TMZ on Tuesday (25). Steve was playing his show on Monday as part of the ‘Give You The World’ tour when the situation happened.

American musician Steve Lacy – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In the video, you can see right at the beginning when a person throws something towards the stage and hits the musician. Then, the artist asks to stop the music and says already somewhat annoyed: “Don’t throw shit on my stage, please”.

Shortly after, Steve asks for the cell phone of someone in the audience (which seems to have nothing to do with the situation) and, in the sequence, throws the device with everything on the floor, to the surprise of the audience present. Annoyed, he leaves the show and leaves the crowd not knowing how to react.

Steve Lacy stops the music, asks for the cell phone and throws the device on the floor – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

According to reports, Steve would already be kind of tired of the public for not knowing his music well. Watch the video below – and from another angle here!

On Twitter, many fans reacted to the situation. “When are you guys going to learn to stop throwing shit on stage while artists are performing (Steve Lacy)?” asked one. “I don’t think Steve Lacy broke someone’s phone who paid a lot of money to be there for no reason and walked away like it was cool,” criticized another.

American musician Steve Lacy – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Listen to the song ‘Bad Habit’ below, one of the tracks featured on the album ‘Gemini Rights’, released by Steve Lacy this year:

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