Teacher is accused of hiding missing young man; Look

Michael Ramirez, 15, ran away from his family’s home in Sacramento, California in 2020 after an argument with his uncles over his house rules and hasn’t returned. The teacher Holga castle Olivares, 61, was accused of hiding the teenager for two years.

The young man lived with his uncles and five cousins, according to information from the Daily Mall portal. According to the website, without his family knowing, he went to the house of Olivares, who in addition to being a teacher, was the mother of Michael’s ex-girlfriend.

For two years, he lived with Holga and his family in their home, just 20 miles from their home. Katte Smith, Michael’s aunt, claims that Olivares lied to police when she was questioned about the boy’s whereabouts.

Michael Ramirez, now 17, was 15 when he ran away from home in Sacramento, California - Dailymail.co.uk - Dailymail.co.uk

Michael Ramirez, now 17, was 15 when he ran away from home in Sacramento, California.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Suddenly, in May of this year, Michael returned to his aunt and uncle’s house, asking to live there again. Though surprised, they were relieved to have him home safely. But they were extremely angry when the nephew told them where he was living.

Now, Holga has been accused of detaining a minor with the intention of hiding from those responsible and contributing to delinquency. She is due to appear in court in Sacramento soon.

the teacher’s life

The woman works at an elementary and high school, but it is unclear if she was Michael’s teacher. She remains employed by the school district despite the accusations.

“There are no words that can really explain how you feel when you have a missing child. You think the worst. We felt ‘robbed’ of all that time with him,” his aunt Katte Smith told local channel KCRA.

Holga has yet to respond to the allegations.

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