‘The respect I have for this club is very strong’, says Nenê about Vasco

Holder throughout the season, Nenê learned in the week that he would start on the bench against Criciúma and did not like it at first. After talking to Jorginho, he understood the decision and did not show his dissatisfaction. And he wanted fate that shirt 10 was one of the heroes of the 2-1 comeback against Criciúma, this Saturday. He entered the second half and started the reaction.

After the match, Nenê exuded joy. Not only for the goal, but mainly for the proximity of the access. Vasco is one point away from guaranteeing a return to Serie A, something that shirt 10 has put as a mission since September last year, when he returned to the club.

– It’s a mixture of feelings. First the relief at being on the right path. And then a feeling of great joy because when I came back last year I said I needed to help the club move up to Serie A and we couldn’t. There were few games, but I wish I had made it. So today for me it is having a very big representation in my career.

– I’m already finishing. I had very strong emotions at Vasco. I learned to love this club. The respect I have for this club is very strong. I feel happy and proud to participate and, God willing, to carry out this mission of taking Vasco to Serie A – said Nenê.

Nenê was highly praised by Jorginho after the victory over Criciúma. The coach revealed that shirt 10 did not understand the shed as soon as he knew he would leave the starting lineup, but later he accepted and had an exemplary attitude in training, always in high spirits. Jorginho, however, went further and revealed that, in his opinion, Nenê is the best player he has commanded in his career.

Upon learning of the coach’s praise, Nenê reciprocated and explained how he reacted to knowing that he would leave the starting lineup.

– Of course, no player likes to leave, but I understand, even more for the entry of Alex Teixeira, we are always together. And at this point there is also the question of example. This is extremely important for kids. It was a game too. It’s no big deal. We’re in the final stretch. I told Jorginho that I was bored and respected the decision. And I wanted to lead by example. I tried to help from outside. Thank God I had the opportunity to come in and help the team win.

– My relationship with Jorginho is wonderful. Since the first visit to Vasco. He’s a very human guy, very correct, talks eye to eye with everyone. He cares about everyone. He’s a guy I respect and admire a lot. And the most important thing is that Vasco went up and everything went well. I want to thank Jorginho personally for this statement. I was very honored. He has coached a lot of players, and mentioning me like that is really something that makes me very happy.

At 41 years old and with a contract until December, Nenê also reiterated his desire to stay at Vasco next season.

– I already said that my dream is to play in Libertadores for Vasco. Let’s see if we can handle it. But if it’s up to me, I’ll definitely stay. A lot of motivation after everything we’ve been achieving. Of course, this is a matter later on. But for me it would be really cool to end my career the way I always hoped.

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