Tips to make your cell phone last longer

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With the advancement of technology, more and more smartphones are launched with a series of features and tools. However, so many new features may require a little more from the device, especially when we talk about battery consumption. Because of this, users look for alternatives to make the percentage of the load not reduce so much. You are one of those people? Check out some tips now how to increase cell phone battery life.

3 simple procedures to maximize your cell phone battery usage time

Turn off the GPS

The smartphone location service is very useful, especially if you are in traffic or looking to locate yourself somewhere in the city. However, it can be one of the biggest energy consumers of your device.

Because of this, turning off the GPS, despite preventing some features from being used, can make a lot of difference in the health of your battery. If you prefer, you can select the option to share the location while using a specific application, which can also help you keep your battery up to date.

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Reduce screen brightness

This is an old trick, but reducing the screen brightness can greatly extend your phone’s battery life. The difference is even more significant on devices with the larger screen, very common in more modern smartphones.

Although it is difficult not to use the brightness to the maximum in very bright environments, try to look for the “adaptive brightness” option, which in addition to reducing brightness, allows you to navigate with good usability.

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Use dark mode

Not everyone knows, but using dark mode can help increase your phone’s battery life. In fact, some models have this mode precisely to reduce the impact on your battery, such as the folding Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4.

In addition, you can set dark mode to be activated only at specific times of the day, which can save you a lot of charge when you need it most.

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