Uber’s electric ‘taxi’ is in testing phase in India

Recently, the Uber made a new bet in the electric sector: the electric taxi, which will start to work in regions of India, such as Delhi. For now, travel in electric cars is available by appointment only. Uber intends to expand its electric car fleet in India in the coming months and the idea is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in India, in compliance with targets set by the local government. Learn more as you read on.

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Electric taxi is new platform bet

Uber is the most famous urban mobility company in India. And now, part of a new bet that intends to bring more success and less environmental impact to the company. According to Uber, the rollout of electric taxis in India will happen gradually over the next few months and should be present in two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles.

There are no reports on how many electric taxis are up and running on Uber’s platform in India. However, the company states that it has partnerships to sustainably expand the electric car fleet in the region.

Reducing environmental impact puts pressure on large companies

India’s government has been pushing urban mobility companies to produce electric cars and replace current ones, powered by gasoline or diesel, in the coming years. For this reason, the Indian government itself has determined that Uber and Ola, a company of the same segment, a competitor of Uber, have about 40% of their cars powered by clean energy by 2026.

The government’s intention is to reduce external dependence on oil and protect the market against fluctuations in fuel prices, in addition to complying with the Treaty of Paris, signed in 2015, to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. To use electric cars, users must schedule a trip 30 days in advance. If you need to cancel the scheduled trip, the consumer can do so free of charge up to 60 minutes before the scheduled trip time.

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