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Nothing fairer than saying that, for the first time in the entire Serie B season, the Cruzmaltino fan is confident of returning to the first division. Even with the bad performances, the results, with the support of the fans, reappeared at a crucial moment. When the Hill Giant showed worrying signs in the fight for access, the shirt weighed and the good moment returned.

However, the dream will only come true if Vasco stays focused and completes his mission. There are two games left, but a victory against Sampaio Corrêa, at home, next Thursday, would be the icing on the cake to confirm the return of Gigante da Colina to the elite of national football. But this is not the only possibility, good or bad.

After heroically winning Criciúma last Saturday, Vasco sent his access, but it is not guaranteed. With 59 points, Cruzmaltino is in third place and the only team that threatens its access is Ituano, which has 54 points and is precisely the last opponent of the Carioca club in the competition.

Therefore, we decided to list all possible scenarios for Vasco da Gama to guarantee their access to Serie A, obviously, depending on the result they win against Sampaio Corrêa next Thursday. From best to worst. Check out:

Best Scenario: Victory against Sampaio Corrêa

Simple and objective. Vasco is the only team among all of the Serie A and Serie B that is undefeated playing at home and that says a lot about the importance of their campaign: the presence of the fans. With bad performances and mishaps during the campaign, such as changing coaches with different philosophies – one of the signs of poorly constructed planning -, it was the Cruzmaltino fan who basically put the Hill Giant on the path to glory. It would be worthy of the script built so far by the team led by Jorginho.

Intermediate scenario: Draw against Sampaio Corrêa

There are two scenarios if Vasco disappoints and stays in a draw against Sampaio Corrêa’s team. It all depends on the outcome of the match between Londrina and Ituano, which will take place the next day. If Ituano wins, the decision will be between Itu’s team and Cruzmaltino, who will face each other in the last round in São Paulo. Any other result guarantees Vasco’s access.

Worst case scenario: Defeat against Sampaio Corrêa

Losing the match against Sampaio Corrêa would be the worst possible scenario for Vasco, as they are defeated, losing their unbeaten record at home and possibly taking a blow to the confidence built up in the last rounds. The decision would be for the last round if Ituano manages, at least, to draw with Londrina. In the last round, away from home, a draw would save Cruzmaltino, but it’s a burden the club probably doesn’t want to carry.


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