Whale penis? Australian beach find intrigues the web; Look

A tourist found a strange object during a walk on a beach in Queensland, Australia, and took to social media to try to understand what she saw. The bather recorded the discovery on October 14, already suspecting it to be a piece of an animal, with high chances of being a whale penis.

According to the New Zealand newspaper NZ Herald, the episode took place on Magnetic Island, an island located 8 km off the coast of the city of Townsville. In a publication on TikTok, the tourist said that she was amazed to see the object, with an unusual shape and expressive size.

She even compared it to her leg and realized that the thing exceeded her measurements.

The woman received hundreds of messages from followers, some with absurd theories such as that it could be a human leg or arm, which ended up on the beach due to an accident at sea or murder.

Even so, the bather could not contain her curiosity and decided to investigate the mysterious fragment in depth. She had the support of experts in marine biology. After analyzing the object, the scientists reported that it could probably be part of a whale’s penis.

“With the help of TikTok and marine biologists, I think we’ve figured out what it is that belongs to some animal,” she said in an accompanying video.

“It’s from a whale. Apparently the males fight and bite each other’s private parts and then just show up on beaches all over the world,” he added.

Vanessa Pirotta, a wildlife researcher and member of the Antarctic Science Foundation, disagreed with this possibility.

For her, the object could be the appendage of a whale, but she emphasized that there is no way to know for sure “without seeing it live”.

“The place where this object was identified is currently the region where there are many humpback whales. They are there to reproduce and have their young,” he explained.

The researcher said that while it is possible that the find could be the penis of a young humpback male, it is unlikely that the organ was removed by another individual of its own species.

“The reason is quite simple. These whales don’t have any teeth, which makes an attack of this gravity difficult,” said Vanessa. “Instead, they have long hair-like strands called fins, and biting another male whale’s penis is something I’ve never heard of.”

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