5 Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Were Brazilian

Dramaturgy talents are taking more and more space in the international cinema market. Examples of this are Rodrigo Santoro, Bruna Marquezine and Maria Fernanda Cândido. These names are already known throughout Brazil, but there are other actors in the international artistic milieu that many do not know are Brazilians.

5 Hollywood Actors You Didn’t Know Were Brazilian

Check below the names of the actors who are Brazilian and who are successful outside the country:

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie is the daughter of a Brazilian mother. She interacts with fans in fluent Portuguese and even jokes that she has a Minas Gerais accent. The actress rose to fame after playing Kat in Euphoria, HBO Max’s most successful series so far.

Image: Series on stage

André Lamoglia

André is a native Brazilian – born and raised in Brazil. He is now part of the cast of Elite, the blockbuster Netflix series. The series already has 5 seasons. André Lamonglia plays Ivan, who enters the Elite Way School to complete his studies and brings more intrigue to the plot.

Image: Teen Fever

Camila Mendes

Actress Camila Mendes is the daughter of a Brazilian couple. She lived in Brazil for part of her childhood and speaks Portuguese fluently. The actress became known for playing Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, a teen mystery series. Her character is a mix of villain and girl that causes love and hate among viewers.

Image: Teen Fever

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster was born in Panama, but she is the daughter of a Brazilian mother and spent a period in Brazil, from the age of six to ten the actress lived in Rio de Janeiro and so she speaks the Portuguese language. Known for giving life to the character Mia Toretto, sister of Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious, the actress continues in the franchise to this day. The first film is from 2001.

Image: Jornal Correio

Morena Baccarin

Born in Rio de Janeiro, she had her career developed completely abroad. She also has jobs as a voice actress. Her highlight is for the character Vanessa from the Deadpool movies.

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