A griot in red and black

Griot: term of origin in West Africa. “In Brazil, an individual who, in a community [..]holds the memory of the group and functions as a diffuser of traditions.” (Oxford Dictionary)

Flamengo’s history reserves its followers some privileges. The red-black can talk about the gigantic crowd that accompanies the club, a true force of nature. He can mention the Sacred Cloak, of unmistakable colors, that bends any clothesline and wins any dispute. He can still proudly remember unparalleled stars, true colossuses who represented the club’s strengths and values ​​in a human way. He can tell of moments that doubled the impossible, defied logic, transformed reality.

Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, a unique and overwhelming cultural phenomenon, can be proud, above all, of having a representative that lives up to its tradition. A wise man who never entered the field, but who witnessed this trajectory in a particular way: Adenir Silva, the popular Denir.

Treated with reverence, admiration and affection for every player in the professional football squad, for every employee, for every fan. Denir reciprocates each feeling with truth in his eyes and dedication in each gesture. He carries the colors of Flamengo with pride and full awareness of the responsibility that Rubro-Negro demands from those who represent him.

Denir arrived at Flamengo precisely on October 26, 1981. In the last 41 years, he participated in absolutely every possible conquest. From A to Z, from Adriano to Zico; he welcomed renowned athletes to the club and welcomed those who would make history here. It became a consensus. He lived days of ecstasy, but he also went through the worst moments.

He never lowered his head, on the contrary: always proud with the “CRF” on his chest, for four decades it has been a certainty, a guarantee. At the edge of the lawn, the Nation can always see our history alive. A true griô, in the most literal sense of the word: a guardian of our traditions, our values, our trajectory. What unites us. A monument of living red-blackism.

The hug and good energies of more than 42 million fans celebrate, more than ever, the life and strength of Denir. 41 years (and three days) after arriving at Rubro-Negro, the chance to conquer the Eternal Glory once again.

Another tradition to pass on to future generations.

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