Abel Ferreira was wrong to take time to take advantage of Endrick

Before the punctual criticism, let’s register for the fanatical abelistas what we think and, on all platforms, in this column here at UOL Esporte included, we register:

1) Abel Ferreira is, flanked by Filpo Núñez, Luxemburgo and Felipão, among the 4 greatest technicians in the history of Palmeiras. It’s a generational choice and a choice of taste, but I, who don’t have a place of speech or am from Palmeiras, born in 1977, consider Abel the greatest in the rich green history.

2) Despite the investments, organization and structure, I think it is unlikely that Palmeiras would have been two-time champion of America 2020/2021 if it weren’t for Abel Ferreira.

3) Never before in the history of Palmeiras, a team with Brazilian and Italian hot blood, had a coach that pleased all wingers and pacified fans and advice as Abel Ferreira. It’s the greatest unanimity I’ve ever seen of a coach, superior to that of Tite at Corinthians and Telê Santana at São Paulo, to be the two biggest rivals.

Having made the records and explained, in all the letters, that Abel Ferreira, the best coach in the history of Palmeiras, has much more successes and merits than mistakes and demerits, it is necessary to register that the Portuguese coach (who was only hired because Miguel Ángel Ramírez and Jorge Sampaoli didn’t get along with the old board (alviverde: long live the memory) made a big mistake when it was too blurry to put Endrick to play, when it was obvious that he was a very different player, a phenomenon.

If the stupid Brazilian law didn’t allow Endrick to compete in the Paulista, he could have played in the Club World Cup and Libertadores without any legal impediment.

The argument that he was not yet ready is so obvious that no one questions it. The fact is that, without being ready and, then, not yet 16 years old, Endrick was already much more prepared than Rafael Navarro will ever be. And, today, he is already much, much, much better and more adapted to green colors than Flaco López and Merentiel.

Passengers who argue that talking now is easy, but that it was difficult to make that decision at the time of the Worlds suffer from a lack of memory at the time, because before the list was released, many people, including this columnist, defended that Endrick should be registered . And more: that it was used in Libertadores.

I really think that the World Cup would give the kid a lot more experience, but it wouldn’t change the fact that Chelsea, the best team, were champions. Now, in Libertadores, we will never know if Palmeiras would have been more successful against Hurricane if they had used Endrick. It is necessary to remember that in the defeat at Arena da Baixada, which cost the fight for the tri, Rony was suspended: long live the memory!

Normally, the care that Abel Ferreira had and the excess of zeal and conservatism with zeal is beneficial to 16-year-old boys. But nothing is more unfair than treating unequals equally. Endrick is not just a boy with a future. And that was always very clear.

Long live the memory!

I’m Vitor Guedes and I have a name to uphold. And care, of course, comes from ZL! It’s us at UOL!


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