Afternoon Session Film 10/26/2022

At “Afternoon session” this Wednesday, 10/26, you can watch the movie “The bride’s best friend” (2008), which is directed by Paul Weiland.

Long synopsis:

Tom and Hannah met in college and have been best friends ever since. When Hannah goes on a business trip, Tom discovers he’s in love with her, but when he decides to confess, he’s surprised to hear that she’s engaged. Now her mission is to try to win her over before the wedding.

Original Title: Made of Honor

Cast: Patrick Dempsey; Michelle Monaghan; Kevin McKidd; Kelly Carlson; Kathleen Quinlan; Richmond Arquette

Voice actors: Tom:Reginaldo Primo/ Collin:Guilherme Briggs/ Mr. Thomas:Júlio Chaves/ Hannah:Priscila Amorim/ Joan:Mariangela Cantú/ Dennis:Paulo Vignolo/ Felix:Alexandre Moreno

Nationality: American

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Rating System: Not recommended for children under 10 years old

Box office: $106.4 million

Check out the trailer:

Movie from today’s Afternoon Session, 10/26/2022

  • The bride’s best friend
  • When and what time does it start? today, Wednesday, from 3:30 pm (Brasilia time)
  • Where to watch? TV Globo’s open channel throughout Brazil.

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